Saturday, 4 October 2014

Fodder +

Barbados Hiatus
When I started writing this blog early in 2013, I was very enthusiastic. I wanted to write about everything.  I could write all day.  I was inspired by all I saw during my 'sabbatical" in Barbados.

On my return home, to my routine, structured life, I continued to write.  I found it cathartic and I felt I was leaving a piece of myself for my children to have.

My peeps, for whom I write my blog
At one point I hit a blogger's block.  I couldn't find any inspiration and I felt it was the absence of subjects on which to reflect. This passed and I was back to writing long posts about anything.  I could write about the colour of my hair. 

Over the last while, I realized that a blogger's block can come from many places.  I discovered that it can come from an overload of inspiration.  Someone mentioned that there was a lot of "fodder" for my blog.  I realized I had too much fodder.

Solving the world's problems in Dublin
In the last 6 months I have travelled to Ireland, on the trip of a life time.  On returning to structure and routine, we discovered a new place to call home.  We then proceeded to completely empty our empty nest and move all our belongings north.  We acquainted our adult children with their new home base and have entertained family and dear friends as we introduced them to our life.  There have been special events, tattoos, apartment shuffling and new cars.

Good bye Elm Avenue

 There have been ups and
Hello Mulmur
downs.  There have been highs and lows.  There has been fodder. 

Now, I find life again regaining some routine and structure and so I will recommence.    I will go back in time, not necessarily chronologically, but I will work to recap this period of fodder.

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