Sunday, 2 June 2013

Off To The Races In Derek's (My) New Hot Rod.

At the same time we have been trying to refill our 4 bedroom home after purging all our stuff last fall, we also finally admitted that our lovely 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue had decided "enough was enough". We needed to put her out to pasture.  Even on a good day,  she is called "the sh%#$t mobile by Bridget and her friend, Jayde.
 This may be due to the lovely dent Bridget made backing out of the garage.  This still is a source of confusion.  Latiffa, the Ford Focus has been the car of choice, over the van and this car, for the past 2 years.  Latiffa is the bomb.

Now we no longer trusted the Intrigue to make it across town.  It felt, literally, like the proverbial "bucket of bolts".  It didn't owe us anything.  It gave us a good run. So with 1 quick phone call to our Eblock Used Car guy, Gary Cartmell, we were set up with a lovely "newused" car.  Derek had a list of "wants".  Gary met them.  It is gorgeous.  It has bells and whistles and a sun roof.
 It is the coolest car we have ever had and Derek is riding high.  Both testicles have now been recovered since the minivan days.  He is so far from a minivan, he thinks he is Daniel Craig, without the eyes. For someone who has never driven over the speed limit, I am not sure why Derek wanted a V6, but he did and we have one and I am constantly watching the speedometer.  Latiffa has her nose out of joint and with good reason.  She is old news now.  Like the first born when #2 comes along.

Yesterday was in interesting day.  I wanted to take a spin in "the hotrod", and I was meeting Terry at Woodbine Raceway for a work event and she had asked me to join her.  Of course I had to make several references to being "off to the races". I recently discovered that my iphone works as a GPS with a lovely woman who gives directions via my radio as I drive.  This was great for today.  I was to be at Woodbine for 1115 and I really don't know this area of the GTA.  I entered my destination and this woman strategically guided me out of my own neighbourhood.  I was remarking to her, though she didn't seem to be listening, that I would no longer have the "I got lost, sorry I am late" card with this new technology.  Then in Etobicoke, she guided me through bends and bumps to meet the appointed meeting time with Terry.
 All of a sudden I was in the middle of a parking lot, but not a horse to be seen.  She announced "you have reached your destination".  So, I guess the "I got lost" card is still on the table, followed by "I entered the wrong destination in my GPS".

 It was lovely and sunny and I do love the ponies.  Ok, truthfully,  I have been there once before, 15 years ago, but I loved it then and I love it now.  At one time, Orangeville had a racetrack.  I learned there.  I enjoy reviewing all the stats for the horses history and the jockey's record.  I skim the odds and then I watch them change as the betting starts.

Terry is more mathematical then I am, so she quickly got the hang of this and made a few good calls.  I was more challenged, but finally made a decent call at the end, based solely on the horses names and the gender of the jockey.  Go Woman Power". 

 I was then whisked to the slots.  We were given $20 in coupons and Terry showed me the ropes.  I very quickly saw how fast my coupons were going.  Then as I was just about done, there were bells and whistles and flashing lights.  My free $20 scored me $41.90 so I bolted out of there so fast before someone figured this out.  "Start the Car! Start the Car".  Thank you Derek, for opting for the V6.  

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