Thursday, 21 February 2013

New Fast Friends

Names have been changed to protect the hesitant.
Nicholai is a young guy who works as a gardener at one of the villas along my beach. When I walk I see him at the villa wall. I think he may be hiding. He tells me about beach access from the road as I have a fear of getting trapped by the tide. I want to bring him lunch. I guess I miss making lunches for my kids. I hope he eats his apple.

I met Abraham earlier this trip. I was writing on my iPhone on the beach. He said "stop messaging me. I am right here" He wants to rent me a jet ski. Didn't want to tell him I find jet skis boring after about 30 seconds. He has been to Montreal. Everyone seems to have been to Montreal. Must be the skiing. He said he was supposed to fly to Montreal today but there was a boat show there. I have no idea the connection but I nodded my head showing that I was totally with him on this. 

I also met Julian on the road at the beach. He is about 21 and wants me to go in his speed boat. "Only $200USD for 1 hour. "All the rum punch you can drink ". I told him I was on a fixed income. He said I could "have him" for free. I am not sure about mixing it up with a 21 year old black guy with a cool boat. Maybe in my past but I don't think that now I could find enough rum punch on this island. For either of us. 

The vegetable woman. I am yet to learn her name. I met her on a side street of Speightstown on my first day in town. She was shucking peas she grew and picked in the north part of the island. Her husband brings her to town every day but Sunday. She explained to me how to cook the peas, okra, and sweet potatoes she sold me. She reviewed all the spices and to add ketchup. Yes ketchup. Apart from the word "ketchup " I didn't understand a word she said. When I cooked my wares that night I think I boiled everything to death and it was like one glob of slippery goo. The next day at lunchtime Derek said " do we have any of that snot left over". 

 I met Alvin walking the beach when I first got here. He had an odd accent that I couldn't place. I asked if it was French and he said yes. He was from Montreal. However I could hear something else too. Turns out he is originally from Guyana The Guyanese are not too popular in Barbados. But then neither are French Canadians in Canada. He was walking all the way to Speightstown along the beach and slippery, slime covered rocks. Says it is safer than the road and he is probably right. I wanted to go with him one day but my mother said "no". She doesn't trust those Guyanese French Canadians. So I guess I don't either.

Ronny is the guy on the beach that carries an attaché case held together with twine. He makes all his own jewelry from precious stones and sells it to the lounging tourists. He told me he saved his money and lives in a 2 bedroom home. He offered for Terry to stay and live with him. He would "cook for her and clean for her and make lots and lots of love". She bought an anklet and I haven't seen her since. 

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Terry and Ronny - the happy couple

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