Monday, 25 February 2013

Bullet points of Barbados

Much of what we need to know, we learned in Kindergarten.

To top up these early ingrained lessons, the things I learned during the course of this trip include the fact:
  • That in Japan you need a license to drive a jet ski and real men don't where speedos there either.
  • That One needs to check the forecast of high and low tides before walking the beach in the same way we check the weather network before we drive
  • That when you take a picture of the sunset you might miss the sunset. 

  • That some parents still think that water wings are a substitute for parenting at the beach. 
  • That SPF 60 is just thicker than SPF 30
  • That Derek works all day in his bathing suit yet has forgotten the beauty of going to the beach. 
  • That Cindy, Who sells rum punch at the beach knows more about the island than anyone I have met.
  • That I can learn about blogs, decide to write one, figure out how to do this and start a blog without any help from any of my tech-savvy children.   
  • That tipping might best be proportional to how badly you wouldn't want to do the thing for which you are tipping
  • That Facebook has real value for old and young alike once someone shows you how to use it to its full potential
  • That parents of the many kids with asthma need some help down here. To be continued.
  • That the pleasure I have derived from 6 beautiful weeks on the beach can be surpassed by my friend being able to walk to Starbucks. 
  • That despite the miles we can keep in touch beautifully with family and close friends through phone calls, skype, emails, texting, Facebook and blogging but it is not a replacement for good old fashioned face to face gabbing. 
  • That the standard rum punch ratio ( 1 sour, 2 sweet , 3 strong and 4 weak) has too much sugar and needs nutmeg. 
  • That even cross culturally people still like to tell me their stories and I still feel privileged to listen.
  • That jet lag is tough on the young
  • That chair rental at the beach is someone's livelihood
  • That beach days with bare bummed children should be cherished. So should snow days with snow pants.
  • That women over 50 can wear a 2 piece bathing suit if stretch marks can be seen as a sign of life (Shirley Valentine).  Otherwise the best invention to date is the Tankini
  • That texting costs a huge amount of money no matter what package you get with Telus Mobility
  • That playing Scrabble may be more fun with a board, but you can't play against your sister in Canada when you are in Barbados.  
  • That love of dancing on a ship is neither race nor age dependent.
  • That Pet sitters are highly respected and greatly loved but are grossly under compensated
  • That I can zoom on my Iphone camera (thanks Terry)
  • That Bathing suits should Velcro to the skin. 
  • That 6 weeks in Barbados was a good idea. One of my best. No justification required.
But maybe you won't
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