Friday, 15 March 2013

Even a Wells Girl can't say no to Guys' Night Out

As one of the 4 Wells girls, I learned, as I expect did my sisters, to "just say no".

Well, I don't think this was the intent, but I got so good at this that to this day, there are times when first instinct when asked anything is to say "no".  It doesn't matter what it is.  My realization of this came last night when I was home on my own while Derek met with 2 young, up and coming engineers at work, doing something brilliant.  I  have no idea what this brilliant thing was, but I think that Derek was there to make tea. Well, as I contemplated left overs or toast for my dinner, I was invited by these 3 guys to join them for dinner.  My instinct was "no".  I was in my pre-jamas.  I was  comfortable.  I had napped and everything.  I felt this was an obvious answer at the time.  Then, of course, I started to question this knee-jerk response.  I tried to turn on the TV and as my kids know, success with the TV and me is about 50/50.  When I did figure it out, it turned on the E! and I found myself trying to answer the question "which show talked about the Regal Beagle". 
File:Three's Company Opening (1982).jpg
Ok, Time to Go out

Ok that was too much so I changed the channel to find out what Thursday night looked like.  I don't know about anyone else, but I know there are some like-minded individuals who have found that  TV seems really boring now that the Conclave is over. 

So I re-thought my "no" as I don't get asked out often by 2 young men and I am on my own all next week, so I expect I will be eating a lot of toast.  So I "freshened up" and headed to Boston Pizza for a guy's night out.  I was concerned about the venue at first, as Boston Pizza is a family-friendly restaurant.  It is not that I don't like children, but I find it hard  not to cut their meat and wipe their noses.  I wanted an adult night and I was pleasantly surprised that I am not the only one, as I found my 3 dates in the bar where the hockey game was playing.

Well, I really like being "one of the guys".  I have always valued my guy friends until When Harry Met Sally came along and threw a wrench in the whole thing.

Dinner is so much different than that ordered at the over-used expression "Girl's Night Out".  I think that we are just going crazy on this expression.  So on Guys' Night Out, there is Pizza with a lot of meat.  Thin crust is not even considered an option.  There are no side salads ordered and no one pretends that this is the first pizza they have had a 6 years.  There is no talk of "splitting a dessert".  If guys are not hungry, they don't have dessert.  I found myself confused.  Since when does hunger and dessert have anything to do with each other. 

Well, like Girls' Night Out, there is lots of gabbing. No work talk was permitted and we laughed a lot.  I offered girlfriend/wife advice that I am sure they hung on to my every word.  One of the guys, Jason, looks like a red-headed Irishman but  is actually a native of Barbados and has had and will hopefully continue to have a paramount role in Burnside Barbados. He is happy to make treks to Barbados when asked, to see his parents and Grandmother.  He is such a sweet young man.   The other fellow, Debanjan, is equally sweet and travels extensively on international projects, including Christmas in Mozambique. This gave the other "travelers" a break to go home for Christmas.  I told you he was sweet.  I first met Debanjan in Barbados on one of my first "Guys' Night Out" that included something called a "Lead Pipe" which is basically dough, stuffed with ground beef and coconut and baked or fried or something like that.  I understandably, never went out with Debanjan again until last night.

I may not be invited back, as I was so happy to be included, that Derek suggested that I was "quite talkative".  This is the best example of the tea pot calling the kettle black. I like to think that I gave the "guys" a chance to talk, maybe just not Derek.  Apparently there was a hockey game on, which Toronto lost.  This scored each of us a free pizza on our return with "The Leafs win or You do".  What a novel idea. I will save this for 6 years, until the next time I have pizza.

 I had to grab a picture of Guys Night Out, in case I am never invited again.  I am not in this picture, but I really was there.

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