Thursday, 7 February 2013

Pets and the People Who Look after Them

In our Barbados beach house where I pass my days we have very few visitors. We do though have a bird named Clare. If he makes a nest and lays eggs we have the option to call her Claire. He loves Derek and we love him more than both of our pets put together. He eats out of Derek's hand. We save scraps of bread for him like we did for the ducks at 314 Mill street. He flies around the house. He keeps me company. He does not bark, pant beg or drool like Casey  He does not stroll around with a sense of entitlement (yes we have a cat too).  

 Just want to send out a big thanks to our pet sitters. You are the best. George agreed without hesitation to take our smelly dog for 6 weeks. He takes Casey to work with him.  This is the truth. Casey is very disappointed when she comes back to Orangeville because we don't understand that she has a job and people are counting on her.  

George is Derek's younger brother. He is therefore also Irish. His 6 weeks with Casey will be more colourful when he recounts them than anything I can say about Barbados. It's just the way it is with O'Rourke men. When I gave birth he came to see me and told me the pain of a cigarette ash in his eye. He had me almost convinced that this was more remarkable than pushing a human being out of a 
v-jay jay. 

As far as caring for our dog for 6 weeks while we are in Barbados, George, I hope a bottle of cheap rum will make the whole thing worthwhile. Don't you love family? 

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