Monday, 25 February 2013

The Kids' Table

Tonight we are having another famous dinner party. Now we have grown to a crowd of 7 as Judy has joined Bill here for 6 weeks. She will need a blog for her kindergartners  We had our standard dinner and I made the jerk chicken. (Derek Butch and Bill can debate which one is the jerk).  I added deviled eggs to the menu.  I think it was a welcome chance for Judy and me to escape to the kitchen.  It seemed like a stereotypical thing to do, but we were really just trying to miss the RJ Burnside work talk.

We enjoyed the company and Yuka was able to meet more Canadians.  I hope she does not return to Japan with the idea that Derek and Bill's shirts were in some way reflective of Canadian or even Bajan fashion sense.

We are almost reaching the limit of our table and we will need a Kids' table soon. No kid ever wanted to sit  there. I envy the people at the Kid's table. No expectations. At the kids' table you can talk about anything that comes to mind and make any noises you want. You don't need to be able to discuss anything of any sort of consequence. You don't need any table manners. You can make judgmental comments about anyone and everyone at the Kids' table. It must be very cleansing.

For the last 6 weeks I feel like I have been sitting at the kids' table. It's liberating, but sticky.
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Our dinner party, loud shirts optional.

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