Monday, 25 February 2013

Morning on the beach - pictures scream the loudest

Sometimes , back in the day, friends would come home from a vacation and get "their pictures developed". This cost money per picture regardless of how many turn out well.  And there were almost always some duds.  Some cameras had a flash. Some cameras did not and in that case you could only take pictures outside. Films (which also cost money) came in 12s or 24s. That meant you had just so many pictures to take and then "that was it".You took pictures sparingly and if you didn't like a certain picture you had to physically rip it up.  If you didn't like the person in the picture with you, you would tear it in half. This was very cleansing after a break up.

Even then, people came home with many many pictures. To see them you had to make a date to get together. This meeting usually started with "you have to see my pictures. ".

Then a huge stack of photos were produced and you had to systematically look at each and every one and then comment appropriately on each.
"My god you look better than your cousin".
 " Wow that is one big bridge". "
"so tell me something about each person in this group shot".

It was exhausting

So here I plan to show you a very few photos of my walk today. I expect it will be my last walk this trip. Most speak for themselves. Some I will just caption.

Yoga Instructor's day off

Not sure if he is coming or going.  He actually waved when I took the picture.

Time Keeping for the Beach Runner.  I wish I could say I was the beach runner.

Not all the water in Barbados is blue

Not all the beaches are beautiful

Pets are a Relatively New thing to Barbados

Snail talk

Gibb's Bay - the beach around the corner

Beach Runner/ Yoga Instructor Painter

Add caption

Construction on the Beach with the engineer on the phone

This is where I sit and blog on the beach.
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