Thursday, 14 February 2013

Frolicking Revisited

Today was a very rough day at Mullins Beach. After a lengthy, hot trip to Speightstown in the morning to get groceries and introduce Terry to island living, we took the yellow bus back.  We then decided after this ordeal, that we would have a completely lazy beach day.  We even left the beach chairs at home and rented chaise lounges and an umbrella.  The waves were very high, so we could frolick.  I haven't frolicked in years.  Some of you I probably frolicked with "back in the day".  On carefree high school days when we nothing of what was to come.  We had no idea that frolicking moments would be few and far between over the next 35 years. 

As often happens with frolicking in high waves, I went under and almost didn't come up.  Terry was ready to save me.  Apparently others on the beach were only laughing.  I went home after that to save my dignity and get the sand out of everywhere.  I expect I will be finding sand until I get back to Canada. 

I then prepared for the arrival of my mother, Pierrette, and my Aunt Arden (my Dad's sister).  Derek was coming back with them.  They all got to the airport at 615 and the bloody mary's started soon after. They are staying at a small inn around the corner.  It has air conditioning, a pool, breakfast at 930 and a bar.  They are set.

We had another dinner party.  This time there was a crowd.  Again, Derek and me, but now we had 5 in total.  It was a rocking good time.  Derek made his famous "Beer Butt Chicken, and Terry and I made salads.  It was a lovely evening.  Lots of wine and laughs.  We walked the chicks home and they got settled.  I don't expect they will make it for the 930 breakfast, but I may be surprised. 

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