Thursday, 14 February 2013

Scuba Day

Yesterday was scuba day at Roger's Scuba. A young child named Nicholas picked us up for the 30 minute drive to Carlisle bay. He was the same age as our boys. This did not give us any comfort. We decided to trust him regardless as he was very familiar with the roads and the practice of honking to let other drivers go. It is the most considerate place to drive. Honking is never a nasty thing. He gave is a lovely tour and gave advice about what Bridget will like to do on the island when she is here next week. I spent the whole time looking for my seatbelt and stifling my instinct to tell him 2 hands on the wheel and to keep his eyes on the road. It was an exciting drive.

Nothing more flattering than a wet suit - so forgiving.

Turned out Nicholas was also our scuba teacher. He said he had been diving since yesterday. So cute. We decided to trust him regardless. He got us all set. Heavy tanks, good mask fit. Then came the mouthpiece. 2 women who will not even drink out of our daughters glass are now totally ok with a mouthpiece that has been used countless by locals and tourists alike. We didn't even bat an eye.
After a amazing explanation and practice session by Nicholas who showed himself to be very youthful but talented instructor we started our  dive. We held on to a rope to descend. Like kindergarten so we completely got it.
Terry mesmerized by Nicholas

The underwater world was so amazing. I have been twice to the same spot yet still it amazes me. Instead of observing the wrecks Nicholas actually guided us through them. We swam among schools of fish.

We were down there for 1 hour. We then grudgingly got back on the boat. No small feat. Scuba is weightless. Climbing into the boat is not.

When back on shore we brushed our teeth. We got dressed. We hugged Nicholas and headed back to Mullins. We completely trusted George who took us back as a more experienced driver but we missed Nicholas' exuberance. I expect I will see him again when Bridget is here. I will request that he take her diving and then the hot spots in Barbados. But we will drive.

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