Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Family Day in Barbados- Where is my roll up the rim to win??

Family day in Barbados. 

Terry left last night on a late flight that gets her home in in time for Family Day. She will probably sleep right through the festivities. It is my experience with this relatively new holiday, that many, particularly teenagers, tend to sleep through Family Day and then get up late and ask to borrow the car. Such a special time. Kevin was happy as he got to work at Future Shop on Family Day for time and a half. At least someone is benefiting by this brilliant holiday Monday in the middle of February in Canada. It is held in great esteem not as Family Day but more so as it is the beginning of "Roll Up the Rim to Win". Now in Canada this is a celebration paralleled by none. 

Bridget arrived today just in time to celebrate family day here with us. She is meeting her dear friend Yuka from Japan today in Barbados. Yuka has flown literally across the world to see us. We had the pleasure of hosting Yuka on a Japanese travel experience 2 years ago. Bridget has kept in close contact with Yuka as well as many of the 7 girls we hosted over a 3 year period. I was hesitant when keen Bridget suggested participating in this Red Leaf program when she was in grade 9. It has probably been one of the finest decisions we have made. We have met wonderful young ladies and if I had favourites Yuka would be right up there. 

At our home in 2011

So it seems we are actually celebrating an official family day this year. My mother, my Auntie Arden, Derek, Bridget and Yuka shared a pot of stew and many glasses of wine. Our dinner parties are growing in size. We didn't even try to explain to Yuka what family day is all about. I think maybe for the first time, I finally get it. 

It certainly was a nice Family Day, even if it was in February.  Roll up the Rim everyone!!

Post Family Day

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