Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Derek's Version of Ted's Tours

Part of a holiday in Barbados is getting to know more about the island.  It is very special in that the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea meet at the north end of the island and the east side of the island is rocks and waves.  Great surfing in some spots and very little swimming.  

 I recommended to my mom and Arden that they go on Ted's Tours, as many of our visitors had enjoyed this particular excursion.  It is a renown bus tour of the island given by Ted Blades, a native barefooted Bajan who actually has quite strong ties to Canada. Ted is very knowledgeable, but he is most known for his lively, friendly demeanor.   Terry and I did Derek's Tour of the Hardware Store, where we purchased a toilet seat.  It was a day better spent on the bus with air conditioning and rum punch.

The following day, Sunday, Derek had some time to spend with our guests.  He offered the Derek Tour again. The Derek Tour this time was more of an overview of RJ Burnside's involvement in Barbados.  They toured the other home/office in Payne's Bay and they did the ever popular tour landfill site at Mangrove Pond.  It is a long standing project undertaken years before. This landfill site is the the main reason we have had the opportunity to be here these past few years. It has given me an appreciation for a dump in a way I never expected. All visitors with us must endure the trip to the landfill to better understand why we are here. It Is a popular landmark for many of Barbados tourists as well, I am sure. Right up there with the hardware store and the bus station. Terry missed Derek's tour of the landfill but I described it in detail.  She had opted for the hardware store tour.   She will have to see the dump next time. 

Landfill Site at Mangrove Pond Barbados, 2012

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