Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Beach Blogging

After Derek left, I spent the end of my day at the beach on my own.  This is not unusual for me down here, as Derek works and I think he takes for granted the opportunity to go to the beach. He is also too embarrassed to be seen with me in my hiking/beach attire.  I will include a photo and you will understand.  

There are a few problems I did not initially foresee being on my own at the beach. Who puts sunscreen on the middle of my back? Who holds my iPhone when I go in the water? Of course the obvious answer is "Why do you have your iPhone at the beach". 

 The end of the day is magical at the beach. Just a few young families with naked little kids taking advantage of the low tide and softer sun. I don't think they can honestly know how sweet they look. I know I didn't when we were at "my Florida". That was Kate's term for my parents home in Longboat Key. I am sure we were so cute too.

 I feel like I am one of those old women who used to approach me in Zehrs and tell me to cherish these years when they are little because they fly by. It always seemed that she was there when one kid's nose was crusty, one stunk and one was trying out the new F word she learned from her dad. I fear the woman's point was lost on me. 
 So I am trying to curb my motherly drive to tell these young parents to stop and enjoy the beach. Let the kids run naked. Listen when they squeal. Smile.

Ok honestly. What I did was I made a video of this young couple and their toddler playing together. Perhaps a moment that would otherwise be lost on them. I am emailing it to them tonight. I hope that one day they can look back and see the joy of this day. I hope they say "I am so glad that creepy old lady brought her iPhone to the beach. "

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