Thursday, 7 February 2013

Facebook in Barbados

Today my son Kevin called me to chat. He does this because he loves me. I also know he is trying to study and isn't that when a call to your mother seems like a good idea? 

 Well Kevin told me to reach out to friends on Facebook with this blog. To tell you the truth I was very hesitant. It seems a bit narcissistic but ok Kev I am trusting you. 

I am still working on the Facebook thing but I am using it as the social network i miss while i am down here. 

When I started on Facebook a few years ago my kids were convinced that I wanted to keep tabs on them. Not only did I not have the savvy to do this but they were teens and I just really didn't want to know.  

 So now I see the beauty of Facebook. I have updates on all kinds of people. I like that. I have found my dearest friend on Facebook. And yes it is you. (This is reminiscent of the joint texts I send my kids that say "you are my favourite. Don't tell".  

 I have grasped the functionality of Facebook and have reached out to a really wide range of people. You may be one of them and if so, thanks. You are one of many of the people I love and/or the people I like, family, friends old and new. You may also be friends of the people I love and some people I work with, whom I also like. If I have missed a category, please let me know. 

So I open up my thoughts to you. I hope you will do the same. If you are reading this, thank you. Say hi. 
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