Sunday, 17 March 2013

O'Rourke's St Paddy's - Ball Room or Pub

As our 3 kids are now living in Toronto as students and young employed (yes employed!!) individuals, St Patrick's Day in Toronto seemed like a good idea. Derek and I woke at the crack of dawn to put on our best green outfits.   His was Kaki and mine was blue. We headed down to the Big Smoke to meet the wee O'Rourke offspring at the Overdraught Pub, near the CN tower.

Life is so much easier now that going out on St Patrick's Day no longer  includes Shamrock Shakes or tents full or colourful balls or treasure chests of trinkets. I don't miss chicken nuggets or fights over who is "too old for  a kid's meal".  I do not miss finding ketchup packets in my pockets.   I do however, miss the colouring placemats and crayons.
So Cute - So Sticky

As cute as the 3 wee ones were, (and I think I imagine them cuter than I am sure they ever were), family meals definitely have a taken a turn since our  kids become of legal drinking age, (or at least close enough to pass). By this age, they have had their fair share of stupid drunken life lessons that a parent just cannot teach  Each of ours have their story but I promised not to share too much.  In fact, I have asked them not to even share them with me.  I have also chosen not to share mine with them.  I like to think no one remembers mine.

Kevin, Bridget and Kate

All Ready for tonight
Kate, Kevin And Bridget came from various directions today and we met at an Irish pub near the CN Tower.  It was early to order liquor, but according to my last Irish text "it's always Ireland somewhere".  When we all arrived we tried on various Irish hats.  The kids are all suited up for whatever they choose to do tonight.  Our waitress, who I imagine to be a young Irish lass, catered to our every wish, as she knows an Irish family when she sees one.  I think the A'postrophe in our  last name, annoying as it can be, scores a good table on St. Patrick's day.

Sarah - So understanding

We got caught up on the kids' shenanigans.  We laughed and we cried and we hung out for about 2 hours as we have found is the maximum amount of time that we all get along famously.  That is the 2 hour rule of which I spoke earlier in this blog.   There was Guinness   There was Cider. There was Irish Stew and Fish and Chips.  No side salads were ordered.  We finished with Sticky Pudding and again, I had flash backs to the early years of goo.

When it was time to go, we wished all of them "Happy St Patricks's Day".  Derek picked up the tab and we realized that kids of legal drinking age are not so special after all.  I don't want to go back to the Play Places.  I don't want to go back to scouring a town for yellow arches.  However, from now on, St  Patrick's Day will be celebrated at Cora's, well before it is noon in Canada, no matter what time it is in Ireland.

Next time - Juice

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