Saturday, 16 March 2013

Natasha is getting my Groove back...Yoga style

In follow up to Pajama Day, I have been lollygagging in the fitness department.  So  I am making my move.  I am going  to venture back to the gym to which I belong and expect to be greeted with "where have you been?".  I will promptly inform them that I have been away, in Barbados for the past 6 weeks.  I fully expect they will then say " I meant since the fall".  To this I have no reply except I have been in a funk with respect to the health of my mind and body. I like to think this happens to the best of us from time to time.  Sometimes life just takes a wrong turn and things run off track. It is the exact time when our bodies need to be cared for a catered to, but not just with chocolate. At least not too much chocolate. Well it is time to get back on the gravy train, sans gravy and move. I will nudge myself along the "Stages of Change".  I will plan. I will walk.  I will get my gym bag packed.   I will watch 23 and 1/2 hours. I need to find my motivation.  I need to find my groove.

If you have never watched 23 and 1/2 hours, I truly suggest you take a few minutes.  It is very entertaining and motivating.  It is short.  It is entertaining and very well done.  It is about the most motivating thing around when one wants to get in the swing, or someone who wants to get back in the swing.

So, as directed in the video, I will start with just moving.  I will walk and I will stretch and I think Yoga may be the best place to start.  I need to reintroduce my old body to yoga as I have promised My Kate that we will do 8am yoga on Gibbs Beach next week, when I venture back to Barbados with my lovely first born.  A bit of mother/daughter woman time.  So great.  I expect the beach yoga guy will love us.  Remember him??

Beach Yoga Guy

I will start slowly, with yoga. My sister Terry is what is referred to in the world of Mind Body Balance, as a yoga freak. I will take her lead.  I will go and bend and stretch. I like yoga.  I like the clothes.  I have my own mat.  The concern with yoga is that I fall down a lot, but I do this with dignity.  I will be a well-respected member of Saturday morning Yoga class, as I proudly carry my yoga mat.  Now you may remember  how ridiculous I looked in my beach attire in Barbados, with backpack/beach chair on my back and my fanny pack filled with essentials;  Sun tan lotion, brush, ipod and enough cash for just 1 rum punch.  Now Yoga is a different uniform in a Canadian winter.  I can't even bring myself to post a whole photo.  You will have to picture me with too tight capri yoga pants, a hoodie and my duckie boots, ski jacket with hood and my mitts.  I will try to give you a bit of an idea:
How Embarrassing 

I ventured to Saturday morning Yoga today for the first time since the fall.  No one applauded.  We are a quiet reflective group, with our mats and our hoodies and our socks.  Today was quite a mix of young and old.  The young ones (somewhere between 14 and 25 - such a hazy age), were very respectful of their more senior classmates.

Now you must understand that I got out of bed to a snowy and cold Canadian winter morning.  I had to brush off the car.  I almost threw in the towel right there.  I am  not sure whether I persevered just to be able to say "I did it" but it doesn't matter, because I did it.

It was a cool yoga studio, as it is mostly windows, but it was toasty warm by the time we started.  Natasha was in fine form, just like last fall.  She is a lovely woman, very understanding and encouraging to those of us who fall down. She makes everything look so fluid that it is easy to think that I look exactly like she does when I am in Downward Dog. There is a reason I don't look in the mirror.  

Natasha Boldireff

Well I finished the 90 minutes. I did fall down. I will be sore tomorrow. We then dressed in our hoodies and fuzzy socks, stretched out underneath amazing binkeys and had a much needed "Quiet Time".  I try very hard to block out my unquiet mind and sometimes I can do this better than others. This morning I started writing this post in my head, but I stopped and focused on nothing.  Nothing is so great.  I want to go to there.

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