Thursday, 21 March 2013


Photo: Baby Bridget 
Baby Teeth
Baby Bridget - Baby Teeth
Well we are back at Holland Bloorview for the big day. Bridget has been waiting for 12 years. If you are new to my blog, the background story is entitled "Bridget is Awaiting the Tooth Fairy".

After a night of catching up with my mom, I picked a very excited girl at the crack of dawn today at Lawrence subway. We are full of optimism. I have a tupper ware container of chili in my purse. It is half full and I have no worries that it will dump in my purse. Its a going to be a good day.

We were 45 minutes early. This is unprecedented. I couldn't even get coffee.

Everyone was in fine form. Dr Carmichael had a much more relaxed expression when the teeth were popped in. I can read his mood after so many years. It was a full team effort.

The Team at Work

You have to love Bridget and a Mirror 

We whisked ourselves to the lab at Dufferin and Davenport. The waiting room is making great strides to become more aesthetically pleasing.
As She Happily waits

        The fit is better this time. The colour matches. Just a bit of adjustments needed.

We even got a lunch/nap break.

Long Day

Back in the chair. Time to be self absorbed and picky. We should all get to pick our body parts like this. I know for sure that Derek would love to pick his nose (sorry I just couldn't resist). This is a lot like the detail Bridget expects of the woman who waxes her eyebrows.

Ok photo shoot time.

Photo Shoot - The Best Part

Back at Holland Bloorview for needles paste and glue.

Almost Done Hon

Final touches... And Voila ...

First apple since 2007

Apple and Funding Provided by Grand'maman

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