Thursday, 7 March 2013

Introducing the Players...

Well part of being a new blog enthusiast is the learning process.  It kind of unfolds.  I started by figuring out how to post stories for people to read.  Now I am able to track who is reading.  Ok, well not by name, unless there is a comment, but I do know how many people read a post and where the people are when they are reading it.

 I gain a lot of information from my "stats".  Yes I said it. The s-word. The word we all hate.  The word that 5/4 people don't understand.  Anyway, from my stats I have come to realize that there are people reading this who do not know me.  Who I have not guilted or manipulated into reading this. People with no vested interest.  Not like my family who just browse to check to see that I haven't said anything absurd.  I find this amazing.  There are some of you from far away countries to where I have never ventured.  I am also coming to realize that some of you reading this come from all segments of my life.  Some of you have known me well in the past and have missed me terribly!!!  Some of you know me well at this time. Some of you are just getting to know me.  Some of you are bound to know me for years to come.  These are you young ones who will care for me in my aging years.

Now that I have reached the first anniversary of my 50th birthday, I can look out and see the characters who  are part of my story.  It is like a spider web of family and friends.  My dear friend Bernadette writes "Life Stories" and captures this web in a way that only she can do.  I would try, but I fear I would do some of these people a disservice. 

I have introduced you to my friend Brenda.  She is an avid reader of my blog as she knows I will be quizzing her. She says that she finds this interesting as she knows the players and the back stories to these people.  That made me think whether there are people reading this who would like to be brought up to speed on my family and friends.  I won't go on and on,  I promise you and I promise them.

funny guy

So basically, there is my first husband Derek (tall, dark and Irish) of 26 blissful years and 3 fine "adult" children.  Our first born is Kate (24), cute little thing, blonde, blue eyed.  We have stopped watching Switched At Birth, because it freaks us out.  Bridget is the youngest.  She is 18 and a force to be reckoned with, full of piss and vinegar. Also not sure where she came from, but at least she looks like us.    Kevin (22), the first boy child in the Wells family, has been called "the cream in the middle of the oreo cookie".  At the age of 3 he  told me "I am so lucky to have 2 sisters".  He was a pathological optimist, like his mother.  All 3 kids are now in Toronto,                            

There are the 3 other Wells girls, Julie, Terry  and Karen, spread out over southern Ontario, along with the matriarch, Pierrette.  Along with these women come a bunch of brothers in law and a brood of kids.

There is Derek's family.  You have met George.  There is sister Patricia and "the m and p", Pat and Ethel.  Along with theseO'Rourke's also comes an entourage of in laws, partners and  offspring.

And then, to quote Mean Girls " there are your first cousins and then your second cousins and then your real cousins".  We have lots of those, not to mention Great Aunts and Great Uncles, who do their very best to live up to their names.

And then there are Friends.  Well you know who you are.  Old, young, fascinating, smart, funny, kind, dashing individuals.  Pick any and all the adjectives you like.  I think there may also be friends of friends - just like

So I apologize for the tardiness of these introductions.  Frankly, I just didn't realize anyone was actually reading this except me.  I do fear that the number of "views" may be a good representation of how often I read my own blog.  I mean what kind of person reads her own blog.  Maybe the same kind that takes her own picture. 
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