Thursday, 7 February 2013

The 2 Hour Rule

Being so far from my family and having unscheduled time on my hands I think about the people I love. I have to say I love my kids. What I don't have to say is how much I like them. They are becoming wonderful people and Derek and I have the pleasure of sitting here in Barbados and watching. 

I know blah blah blah she loves her kids. But they are my favourite people in the world. FOR 2 HOURS. We have a 2 hour rule. It is an amazing 2 hours. Kate, Kev and Bridge, if you are reading this (which you better be. There will be a test) you are nodding your heads. You know what I mean. 

This may be a common thing in families. Maybe not. I speak with confidence when I say "this will change with time". I know this because my other most favourite people in the whole wide world are my sisters (known by some as "the Wells girls") and of course my mom. We have no such thing as a 2 hour rule. That is for sure. 
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