Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Eat Sit Think

As mentioned, I am reading a book called "What Now" by Ann Patchett.  She talks about becoming a writer. I am getting, from her tales, that being a writer mostly involves sitting and watching.  There is usually some sort of employment involved that allows one to meet interesting people and listen to their stories. It also is important as it pays the bills.  When one is a writer she cannot sit at home waiting for a posting in the want ads.   "Writer Wanted. Apply in Writing". I have decided I am more of a Blogger.

 So I have found myself , through a series of random events I like to call brilliant ideas, to have the month available to me to Eat Sit Think. Unlike Julia Roberts, I  have not left my husband to do so. In fact I wouldn't have this privileged opportunity without him. That is not the only reason I am with him but it certainly helps.

 So I intend to Eat Sit Think. I am doing this right now, sitting on a rock by one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I am the first to admit this is a pretty sweet deal.  I told a select number of people that I was taking time off from my job for a "Leave of Absence" that my wonderful manager totally supported in every way.  I had the opportunity to spend the 6 weeks of the Canadian winter  in Barbado. There were those who responded "must be nice". There were those who responded "good for you". It would have been easy to foresee who the "good for you" people would be. They are the people I hold dearest to my heart and to whom I send lengthy emails about my everyday experiences. They are also probably the only people who are reading this.

Now I have 2 concerns about my Eat Sit Think   One obvious one is that this lends itself by the end of the month to the point where my bathing suit bottoms no longer can be stretched from the bottom of my cheeks to the top of my butt. Derek asked why butt cleavage was not acceptable. I think I will set the trend.

 The other concern is that i am driving my husband crazy. You see I can't drive down here.  Well actually I choose not to drive down here. Believe me it's just better that way. The only thing Bajans do quickly is drive. But I digress.

Now Derek is a sweetheart but he actually has a job down here that he and i must tolerate. It does not lend itself to whining and nagging or the expectation that he will take me wherever I decide I would like to adventure at any given time.   Now we do have our weekends together that we spend lazily lying in bed. Ok that's not true, but as most of you know, Derek likes to sleep. He does it very well. So on weekends after he has had a full week of reading reports, writing documents and attending meetings he would really just like to have a nap. Despite this he takes me out and about to the areas of the island I cannot access by a blue or yellow bus. So during the week I try not to distract him with my butt cleavage  I just leave. I sit on this rock on this magnificent beach and I eat sit and think.

 Who will play me in the movie. I am thinking Diane Ladd or Michelle Pfieffer, or better yet, Tina Fey. They are what my daughter Kate calls "my girl crushes". However I guess my third concern down here may be that my life here may be portrayed by Kathy Bates.

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