Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Eat Sit Talk - Terry is here.

My sister Terry arrived Sunday. I was so excited to see her. Maybe this is how my mother and father felt when we arrived in Florida to visit with our 3 young, sticky children. Maybe not. As I described before I am pretty sure one had a crusty nose, one stunk and one was trying out the new F word she learned from her dad.

 I am going to call this week Eat Sit Talk. Very therapeutic. I liked my days of silence. Like Julia Roberts in the Pray part of the movie. Yes. That's it. I was just like Julia Roberts in India except more tanned. Well I am welcoming Terry's company. I am my own best friend but even I can only stand myself for so long.

 We spent yesterday lounging. This qualifies as an activity. Not exactly an Olympic event but if it were ... We sat in the beach chairs that Derek bought us. We walked to the beach each of us with our beach chairs strapped on as back packs. We got a lot of looks and we decided to find this flattering. I promised Derek we would not wear RJ Burnside hats, so as not to be associated with his company.  So we word Pilot hats.  I will explain later. 

 We tried to walk the beach but the tide was too high to do it safely and we had promised our families we would be safe. Then we walked to Bombas, the restaurant down the road. I think the beach at of high tide might have been safer. Bombas was closed. Some guys called us from across the street to come to the rum shop to eat. I pulled Terry away because all I could think about was the movie "Taken". We decided to stay in and have a kick ass salad, chocolate and talk some more. Yes it will be an Eat Sit Talk week.

Terry with Julie

Bomba's Again - Closed Monday
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