Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Our Dinner Party

We had a dinner party last night with all of my friends. There were 3 of us including Derek and me. We were joined by Derek's" boss", Bill.  I felt a bit like Samantha Stevens, without the  twitching.  I cooked like there was no tomorrow. It was very refreshing. 

As some of you know, this trip has been made comfortably possible as we have rented out the better part (and I mean that literally) of our Orangeville home to 2 lovely women and 3 adorable girls. This allows us the opportunity to spend more time together in this paradise.  At home we live in a small 2 level portion of the house that we like to call the condominium townhouse complex. We have all the rooms we need now that our kids are in Toronto. We have Derek's favourite parts; the garage, the workshop and his famous screened-in porch. We also have en suite laundry off our bedroom.  Bridget's room, dark as it may be, she calls home when she comes to Orangeville from Ryerson.  Strangely, she comes home rarely.  We haven't seen hide nor hair of the other 2 in Orangeville for months.   We travel to Toronto often now.  I don't think the road runs the other way.  

We (Derek) made a Kitchenette in our family room. Photo to follow when I figure out how to do this. We have a hot plate, a convection oven and a microwave. If I make egg on toast I blow a fuse. I wish I were kidding. I have found, surprisingly, that I miss cooking.

Now the stove we have here in Barbados has only 3 out of 4 working burners. This just seems fitting. We are 1 burner short of a full range. I used all the burners and the microwave at the same time last night and left the fridge plugged in. So refreshing.

We had a lovely dinner. I had my home made rum punch just so I could use my famous nutmeg grater from the $3 store in Speightstown. I tried to do the math with the exchange, but I just paid it outright.  We had dessert from Posh Nosh.

 I went to bed feeling like I had found a part of me I feared I had lost.

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