Monday, 25 February 2013

Dancing the Day Away on a Pirate Ship

We dropped off our girls to go on a snorkeling boat trip on a pirate ship called the Jolly Roger. We have never been on this particular cruise because until recently it was at St. Vincent. Both of the Jolly Rogers in Barbados were bought to be used in Johnny Depps "Pirates of the Caribbean. ". One was sunk. One was found moored in St Vincent. A Bajan saw it and felt it should be back in Barbados so he bought it and brought it back home. 

It is now a party boat once again and that is where Bridget and Yuka are spending their day. I was very worried about this adventure without parental supervision. Bridget reminded me that they are 19 and live on their own. This was meant to give me comfort but after our brush with death on the buses I am overly protective, especially of Yuka, whose mother has entrusted me with her care. To cope with the anxiety, Derek and I went to a swanky hotel and picked up two "used" towels and laid by their pool all day. Somewhere between the beer and the sangria I completely forgot my worries. Actually I completely forgot about the girls all together. Derek got me home safely and our girls were fast asleep. A good time was had by all.

The girls had a ball.  They noted this to be the best thing so far. Lots of sun and swimming.  They swung from the rope swing, walked the plank and they swam with the turtles.  There was excellent food, a bit of rum punch and lots and lots of dancing on the deck of the ship. 

Derek and I had lots of sun and good food but unfortunately we skipped the dancing. One more sangria and the dancing would be have been a given.
The biggest thing I take home from this day is Bridget's observation on the Jolly Roger.  There were young and old, all nationalities and cultures. They just all hit the deck and danced away. It seems that dancing is one of the few universal languages and perhaps the most enjoyable of them all. 
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