Saturday, 9 February 2013

Barbados Bucket List

Beach to Speightstown

 Yesterday I crossed 2 things off my Barbados Bucket List

Speightstown in the distance

The first was that I made the treacherous walk into Speightstown. This involved road and beach.

I walked on the road. "Look both ways" takes on a whole new meaning here. I am never sure which way to look and which side of the street to walk on. I pick anywhere with a path or a shoulder. Then I switched to beach, cutting through lovely resorts and scoffing at the tourists. 
Bomba's - on the way to Speightstown
Chinese Food Restaurant / Rum Shop on the way to Speightstown
In town I went to a cafe where I thought I would
Speightstown Esplanade
 have the best chance to understand someone. I asked where a good place to go if i wanted to see the true beauty of Barbados north side. It is on the Atlantic and can be very rough. This was the second thing on my list.

The woman pointed me to the Animal Flower Caves. She and the chef wrote down the bus number and everything. This young fellow even gave me his phone number in case I got stranded. You have to love this island 

I waited for a Blue bus with a number of people who did not seem the least bit rattled by the 45 minute wait. Neither was I. People love to chat here and one young woman took it upon herself to recommend a less touristy place at River Bay. She made sure I knew where i was going and how to get back to Speightstown before she got off the bus at her house. I wrote about my trip yesterday so I will not repeat myself. 

The buses take you anywhere anyone would like to go on the island. I saw so much of Barbados.; homes, rum shops, stores, rum shops, beautiful cliffs, beaches and rum shops. 

Well today am now anxiously awaiting the arrival of my sister Terry tomorrow so I did my groceries. A British couple looked forlorn at the super market. They asked me if I was a local. I said "sort of" and I couldn't have been more flattered. 

My bags were pretty heavy because Wells girls like to eat . I went to the cafe again to have coffee. Yes I went for coffee in Barbados  You can't take the Canadian out of me yet. I also had to let my friends know I got home safely. I was eaves dropping here as we all do in a coffee shop.

"Can you believe that you can't get tooth whitener anywhere on this island". Honestly i am quoting that. 

It may well be true. No one at the bus stop yesterday mentioned where to get tooth whitener and on my journey I saw no where I think might carry it. So now I have to concede that Barbados does have its limitations. Even if you take the blue bus. 
My Cafe

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