Friday, 8 February 2013

Parenting from River Bay


 I am a million miles  from snow and shovels and snow days. From spinning tires and scraping windshields. I am thinking of my colleagues finishing 12 hour night shifts and finding their car buried. I remember Canada and I remember night shifts . I haven't been gone that long.

I am in the most beautiful place on the world. I actually have sea spray in my face . Barbados is certainly  not just beaches if you  get on the blue bus .  The yellow buses are apparently more treacherous. This I have trouble comprehending. I would rather swim here. There should be a sign like this for the yellow buses.

Without any true understanding of how, I am magically texting my Bridget from up here. She has been enduring a dental nightmare since she got her permanent teeth. Or should I say since she didn't get them. Today she is 1 visit away from the finish line. Sometimes E-parenting  just won't cut it. Sometimes I need a sub.  Bridget is being mothered by my sister Julie. Almost just like me I hope just a bit more wise. I have mother guilt obviously, but its not about me. It's about my Bridget braving the snow storm like the champion to sit in that chair again. To say she is a trouper is an understatement. The actual beauty is that she will be the one later to absolve me of this guilt  she will make it all about me.  I am with you Bridget my love. And thanks for subbing in, Auntie Julie.

Bridget:  "Stop feeling bad I am fine go have fun"
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Next Picture will have a big toothy smile

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