Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Benefits of Youth - Crane Beach

I am about to lose my top, but not my dignity
Well it can't get much better. There is blue water here that surpasses any on the island. Our girls have frolicked all day. We just ordered pizza on the beach.  I am not kidding.  The waves are high and the sand is white. It was a long drive but its worth it. We found the locals' entrance to the beach so we could bring our chairs.

Derek braving the Local's beach path.  Orange Beach bag in hand
The benefits of coming here with 2 young girls is that there is no problem finding someone with a bottle opener for our Banks. Banks beer does not have a twist off.  You need one some call a "church key".   Bridget had no problem getting the beers open. We probably should have some objection to this, but it is just true. Bridget and YuĆ¼ka have also charmed Ray Ray, the rum punch guy. He insisted on making this concoction for the girls.

I bought my one and only souvenir from a guy named Johnny Christmas.  How could I not buy something from him.  He altered a puka shell bracelet to fit my now chubby ankle.  It is very stylish but I am afraid the charm will be lost once I put my Sorels back on.


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