Monday, 25 February 2013

My friend at Harrisons' Cave

A trip to Harrison's caves was on Bridget's bucket list. She has been to Harrison's caves before when we toured it on a trolley. This was the point that we became aware of Bridget's "love of caves". Who knew?

Today however is a special day at Harrison's caves because it is a walking tour. We arrived bearing actual shoes and socks and ran to meet the tour. I was willingly left behind.
While Yuka, Bridget and Derek wandered through dark places with stalagmites and stalactites, I chilled. I actually did. It started to rain and this was the first time on 6 weeks I was cool. I was not bothered. The staff at Harrison's caves were very anxious about the cold and the rain.

I was befriended by a young 14 year old boy named Raheem. I am yet to understand why he was milling around.  Apparently he had been dumped by his cousin.  He seemed happy to be hanging out and we started to chat and eat Pringles together. He showed me Angry Birds and he tried to explain how to play. He told me about his mother, his grandmother , many brothers and sisters and one on the way. He told me his Dad is Canadian and his Uncle is a billionaire. He told me about sky diving with his mother. 

I am not sure where the line fell but I chose to believe everything. 
My friend Raheem
We chatted and he asked me politely if I could explain " relationships" to him. He told me his "girl problems" and I listened. We agreed it was complicated. At the end of the day he took off running home in the cold rain. It was an unusual encounter but it showed me that even in this country people like to tell me "stuff". Not sure why but I have always found it flattering. I hope Raheem enjoyed that our paths crossed as much as I did. I hope he did not melt on the way home. 

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