Monday, 4 February 2013

Barbados in Winter

Through a number of strategically played, totally flukey moves, I am taking a long vacation in Barbados this winter.  I found it interesting when I began to reveal my plan. People had such varying responses. So I found myself coming up with all different, creative ways of presenting this message.  When I listened to myself, I saw that I was feeling defensive about my good luck.

  • well Derek is going to be away a lot
  • I am not very busy at work
  • the kids have all moved out
  • I live in a small portion of my house
  • it is cold in Canada and it is warm in Barbados
But then I realized, as my father used to tell me, "people make their own luck".  So I stopped trying to rationalize my circumstances and chose to tell those who would ask, what my dear friend Brenda likes to simply say "I am going to Barbados for 6 weeks, because I can".

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