Monday, 8 April 2013

Chick Day - Hair to go with the Teeth

This is a post I started a few weeks ago when Bridget was home after her teeth extravaganza.   I am going to continue some posts like this.  I hope to introduce you to some of the women who make my life just a little bit nicer. 

After our 12 hour dental day, Thursday, Bridget needed some "home time with her mother". We watched Glee like old times and she drifted off to sleep on the couch in her fleece pjs, with her dog and cat.  I got to put a throw blanket on her.  This is probably the most satisfying thing.  I cherish it.  I will mourn the day I have no one to cover up with a throw blanket.  

Relaxing the the Animals

Friday is a chick day which includes hair cuts.  Many may be familiar with this hair experience as many of the people I love (AKA the people who read my blog), are women.  I have a few enlightened men who read this as well, and that, unfairly, I find even more flattering.  Now for the men with only a memory of hair cuts, I will review.  One day you like your hair. Then your husband likes it as it gets longer. Then your mother likes it. Then you get compliments from friends. But just before total strangers start commenting, you get up one morning and you shriek. "Oh my Gawd!! Look at my awful hair! I can't possibly leave the house." I am too embarrassed to even call my hairdresser. Fortunately, my lovely Sandra at Aart's Hair Studio,has seen me at my worst and she understands that I am going to try to convince her that "I really only need a cut"  She is patient. She squeezes me in. She knows that pretty soon I won't be able to go to work ever again.

So today it is hair day. Colour and cut, I agree.  I would put a 
My Sandra - So understanding
"before" picture here but just can't do it. So I sit here drinking coffee and chatting. I fully expect to be much more presentable in about 2 hours. 

Daughter Bridget is also having her haircut today.  This is a little mother/daughter time.  Casey, our dog, who looked worse than I did, is also getting a hair cut.  It is long overdue as I was away in Barbados and totally neglected her coiffing.  Casey the dog and I are usually on the same grooming cycle.  Its the day I wake up and shriek at my hair and at hers.  Bridget arranged her grooming today.  I arranged 
Amanda and Bridget

The reason I am posting about something as commonplace as a hair cut is because on this day, there was a videographer

taking shots for a sociology research study investigating the relationships between hairdressers and their clients. I agreed to allow him to take pictures as long as my hair was in front of my face.  Bridget agreed to a complete photo shoot.  How can see study Radio and Television Arts and balk at a camera.  How can she be an 18 year old girl, and balk at a camera.  
So I think to myself, if someone is getting a Master's Degree, studying the sociology of hairdressing, I should add my two cents here.  We love our hairdressers.  

Sandra is one of my peeps. She takes me at my most vulnerable (long wet hair draped in front of my face) and reshapes me. She lifts my spirits and my self-image. She makes me feel like a million bucks.  She is an Aartist. 

I would put an after shot, but I am really not that self-absorbed. Ok, I am, but I like to think I am too proud to take my own photo, which as you probably know, I am not.  

However I will put a picture of the most  beautiful lady of the day ... and it is not Bridget.   

Fancy Bitch in her neck-er-chief

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