Saturday, 22 June 2013

Mama Bueller's Day Off

Now, that I am in a relatively Empty Nest, I still have the occasional day during the week to do "nothing", when neither place of employment has asked me to work or fill in for someone who can't.  I no longer work nights.  I work in a Pulmonary Function Lab at 2 different hospitals. There have been lean times as a casual employee, waiting for someone to take vacation.  I feel opportunistic at times. "Wow, she seems to have a bit of a cold, poor her,  maybe tomorrow I can take that shift".  I am all over last minute "funeral calls".   I actually started 1 position on a fairly regular basis after my colleague severed his thumb with a power tool.  I
wished for his speedy recovery, but couldn't help but think "wow baby's getting a new pair of shoes".

Even without my children at home, I am happy to have a day off.  I am not really sure what a "day off" looks like in most people's worlds.  My children, before they started working with any regularity, had mastered "the day off".  I tried to learn from them.  It is like the Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge at  Pearson airport, where the fortunate get to sit and wait for their flight.  We have been privileged to be admitted, as Derek flies so frequently.   The airport has deemed him "special".  And they are absolutely right.  He is special.  He even gets through security quickly, since spending so much time in Barbados.
 In "the lounge" food is plentiful, there is nothing pressing to be done and someone cleans up after you.  It is beautiful place but in no way resembles an Adult Day Off.

A day off in adult world is, what I call, a "List Day".  I have had a few "list days" lately.  I feel out of sorts until my list is written out.  I even do it as a hard copy, on paper.  That way it is staring me in the face.  I am yet to figure out how to schedule my list into my phone.  I will put it on my next list.

 My recent list day was varied in content.  It included the extremes:
  • make toast
  • paint the kitchen 
 I then through in a few less simplistic but more realistic points like
  • get the tire fixed 
  • renegotiate all utilities
  • make Drs appointments for the kids (which they will then ask me to change)
  • buy groceries (scurvy alert is on) 
By the end of a less productive "list day", I then add on things to my list that I actually did, and then cross them off.  These are things I do routinely, but they never seem to count
  • make grocery list
  • have a shower 
  • transport laundry between floors without actually doing it.
  • take a well-deserved nap
There is nothing I like better than crossing off things from my list.

Yesterday, though it was not on my list, I ended up at Home Depot buying doors and bringing them home in a rented van.  Then we filled the van with old, large items that missed the "dumpster purge of 2012".  For some reason I then decided to accompany Derek to the Dufferin Transfer and Recycling Facility,                 otherwise known as "the dump". Now I have frequented the landfill site that Derek's company created in Barbados, but can you believer, I have never been to our local dump.
Does one Recycle at the Dump - Apparently not
 I thought it was a "guy thing" but strangely, it appeared to be
"ladies day". There were more women there than men.  I am hoping this detail was lost on Derek.  There is really nothing like bonding among the old fridges and discarded carpets. I watched Derek chuck our undesirables, most of which were items destroyed by our cat.  FYI, there is no such thing as a free cat.

When I make a list, it keeps me on task.  I tend to procrastinate less.  I heard recently from "they" ( as in "they say") that whatever it is you do when you are procrastinating, is what you should try to focus on as a livelihood.  I guess mine would be writing this blog.
Ya Ya Ya, I know. 
 Derek is trying to hit it big in the "Drink Tea and Chat" field with a part-time job sleeping.

This list thing, I am sure, most women understand.  I shouldn't play into male/female stereotypes.  I am sure guys have lists too, but I bet guys tend to have fewer things on their list and they only do 1 thing at a time. Some people call a husband's list a "Honey DO list".  I actually hate this term.  I find it condescending. It implies that there are delineated male/female roles and a wife has to politely instruct their husband as to what he should be doing.  It does not capture the essence of what a husband/wife relationship aspires to be.
A guys' list

 If I want something done, I figure out if I can do it.  Then I decide if I want to do it.  If I can't or more likely,  just don't want to do this, I just hint and manipulate.

 If Derek ever made a Honey DO list for me, there would be no Derek.   It might be then called a Honey FO list.  I do not need anyone trying to make my list longer.  Thanks very much.

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