Friday, 1 March 2013

So... Apparently Blogs don't End

When quizzing my kids to see whether they were caught up with my blog, now that it is done, they promptly told me that "blogs don't end".  I was ecstatic, and I marveled that their ability to divert deadlines has been fine-tuned since they went away to school.

 I never considered to continue to add to this blog as I am "back to the old routine" in Canada.  But since recording so much on my vacation, I continue to see a side of things that I would like to share.  I have decided to add to this Blog from time to time.  I do this for my own pleasure and if anyone continues to read, I am flattered.  When I begin blogging about what I had for dinner, just turn me off.

Bridget and I arrived in Canada Tuesday night,  just as the latest winter storm hit.   It was messy to say the least.  The cab driver at the airport said as he picked us up "I sure hope you are going to Brampton".   He was very very dismayed that we were going downtown to 2 different stops in the storm. He was so distraught that I almost offered to be dropped at the McDonald's in Brampton for the night just to save him the trip.  I got dropped off at Julie's to sleep and secure some boots and a coat for the next 2 days in Toronto.

Wednesday night was spent celebrating Kevin's 22nd birthday with the 3 sticky kids. I had Kevin to myself for a bit before the girls got there. This is a good thing. Kevin loves his sisters but tends to take a backseat in conversations. He understands women better than most guys.

I also visited my mother, who had the infamous stack of hard copy photos to share. Ok, there wasn't a stack.  There were really only about 10 that turned out. I then showed her how to access my blog as she had no idea that she was a star.  She thought that my blog had ended when she arrived in Barbados.  I guess she didn't know that Blogs don't end. 

 The Glass is Half Empty:
  •  Having to borrow coat and boots to replace my hoodie and flip flops
  • getting up
  • Trying desperately to figure out which way to look before crossing the road
  • Dribbling when drinking out of the rolled up lid at Tim's. 
  • Bridget deciding to wear shoes   in the slush. She is now wearing my mitts on her feet
  • Going north on the Don Valley while thinking I am going south. This has nothing at all to do with Barbados.
  • Trying not to whine to anyone about the weather.
  • hiding my tan at work
  • Staying in touch with Derek still in Barbados without saying "must be nice".
  • My jeans are tight

The Glass is Half full
  •  My jeans still fit
  • celebrating Kevin's birthday - every child's birthday is really all about his mother
  • Julie's "extra" coat and boots far surpass anything in my closet when it comes to style
  • Finding out Yuka reached Tokyo without incident.
  • checking in with the Wells Girls
  • Rolling up the rim
  • Downloading with George about 6 Weeks with the Bitch (this deserves its own complete blog entry)
  • Seeing my dear friend Brenda vertical and moving about at lightening speed.
  • Getting caught up with my local Ya Ya's for tea
  • Going to Sarnia in the winter (glass half full??  really?)
  • cream in my coffee
  • planning my return to Barbados with my Kate
I think that I am just going to be glad that I have a glass and there is something in it.
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