Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Pajama Days - I want to go to there.

I was chatting with My Kate and we agreed that this blog needs a focus.  I am not sure what that will be.  I will look to her for direction, but given the name of this blog, I think I know where to focus first. It is where I started in Barbados, when I needed to regroup away from the cold and routine of my Canadian life.

I just spent a lovely Sunday having a pajama day. Actually I had a t shirt and boxer day to ward off hot flashes.  I do love pajama days. Don't get me wrong though, I did not intend this to be a pajama day.  I intended to brush my hair and put in my contacts.  I even brushed my teeth.  I had plans.  I did a "to do" list and I did some of those things.  I finished my book.  I put away a mound of clothes at the end of my bed.  I found the socks I accused Bridget of stealing.  I paired them and I fantasized about playing a vigorous game of  Socks and Shots.  This is a game developed by 2 parents highly in tune with the organization needed to maintain a household.  It works to motivate parents to match that gym bag full of odd socks, some of which there is no recollection of ever wearing. Even in my empty nest I still have a pile of socks.  Socks and Shots is by far, the finest way to spend a Sunday afternoon Pajama Day.  I thought this would qualify as exercise, but I fear not.

Socks and Shots - ready, set, toss
Despite all my good intentions, I did not move.  I mean in our "condominium townhouse complex" bachelor apartment I rent to myself, there is not a whole lot of room to move, but that is not excuse.  I have to put on my big girl sweats and get moving.  I fear it is time to Quit Eating, Quit Sitting and Quit Over-thinking.

Some people just seem to be wired to treat their bodies with respect.   They eat healthy food, exercise and lead a balanced life.  I see them as very "together" people. I don't think they have pajama days as often as I do. I don't think they have a pile of clothes at the end of their bed or a basket of random socks they don't recognize. I strive to be one of these people.  I know them.  I like them.  I just have trouble being them.   Alas though, I must make an effort.

So, I know the solution.  I know the game plan.  I know this, as I review it daily while I sit.  I  studied the science of health and fitness for years.  I have written papers, I have made presentations.  I even wrote a thesis.  Yes, back before the sticky kids.  So with all this knowledge and expertise, why do I Sit here and Think about exercise while I Eat.  This has got to stop.

The unfortunate truth I find is that at the times my life becomes bumpy, at the times when I most need to maintain my overall physical and mental health, I abandon the good fight and I curl up and Eat Sit Sleep. Once life starts to get back on track, I need to regroup.

So I will start from within my comfort zone.  No shocking resolutions.  I will finish the bag of chocolate chips Bridget left here and I will not replace it.  I will buy my green leafy vegetables and buy good fish oil.  I will drink water, lots of water and I will walk.  I don't run, unless someone is chasing me, but I do walk.

So follow me on this journey to renewed health.  It is not all about aesthetics, but that is certainly on my mind.  My tankini can only cover so much surface area. However, it is more about balance.  I will read about wine and chocolate and convince myself of their benefits, in something about which I have forgotten.  It is called moderation and as Liz Lemon says " I Want to Go to There".

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